About The Campbells Band

The Campbells, an Arizona Country Band consists of Mike Campbell Sr. (Dad) on acoustic guitar and vocals, Mike Campbell Jr. on electric guitar and vocals and Chris Campbell on bass guitar and vocals.

The Campbells Band grew out of a family love of music. Mike Campbell Sr. started in music at a young age in church, then high school working in theatre and voice. His love of music led him to become a director of contemporary music at a Catholic Church in Phoenix. He spent twelve years as a music director before taking over the family business full time. He enjoys playing music with his boys and putting smiles on the faces in the crowd.

Mike Jr. and Chris started in music at a young age with the Phoenix Boys Choir, both started playing instruments grade school and high school bands as well as in college. Mike Jr. playing guitar and Chris playing bass.

Our music consists of a large variety from country music, rock, pop and classic songs from the 50's and 60's.

Please contact us for availability.

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